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2021-05-29: Relaxing to some #classical music.

2021-05-29: I love Saturday mornings.

2021-05-28: ZX Spectrum +3 Disk B The ZX Spectrum +3 (and Amstrad CPC) “Disk B” expansion port is the same form factor as a 34-pin …

2021-04-19: Seall! Tha mo bhean air an telebhisean!

2021-04-02: An Easter treat! It’s time for payback… COSMIC PAYBACK!

2021-03-31: My stepper motor is giving me grief. This looks like a job for… DISK DOCTOR! 💾🩺🦸🏽‍♀️

2021-03-20: How it stared/ how it’s going/ etc. #zxspectrum #fixerupper #16k

2021-03-11: Been fixing this, a Dixons branded cassette recorder from ‘83. Very slightly older than I am, and …

2021-02-20: I’m taking a break from Microdrive refurbishment to catch up with latest news from January 1988. …

2021-02-19: Friday night re-felting my carts. #FF #FeltingFriday #zxspectrum #microdrive #microlife

2021-02-04: Networkin’ like it’s 1983! Well sort of. But I finally found a legitimate use for the telly’s …

2020-12-24: Ah, okay… now it’s #Christmas.

2020-12-24: New High Score: 24,180 ☃️

2020-12-24: Competition is heating up in round two of the Spectrum Computing Christmas High Score Challenge! …

2020-12-23: Merry Crashmas! 🌈 🤖 👻 🐢

2020-11-20: Tonight’s silly project: replacing a tired old ZX Spectrum cassette with a freshly-recorded new one! …

2020-11-01: Oidhche Shamhna 👻 #spooky

2020-10-24: Wayhey, it’s new game Saturday: Millie & Molly on Commodore 64!



2020-08-07: Resistance is… ~futile~ approximately 18KΩ

2020-08-05: New project time! It’s a recreated Romantic Robot Multiface 128. (Or rather it soon will be, …

2020-08-04: Pakket overhandigd door de verzender aan de Pickup parcelshop! 🚚 🌈 📦 #zxspectrum #bytedelight

2020-07-31: I’ve removed, tested, replaced or bodged almost everything and it’s still not working! Time to give …

2020-07-23: Last night’s re-cap seems to have been a success. The -5v line in particular was really noisy, but …

2020-07-19: Uh oh! #zxspectrum #repair

2020-07-18: Jetpack Jock by @_gazmarshall is so super hardcore difficult* you really ought to set your Cruiser …

2020-07-16: Making some progress! This will be much faster in machine code (and probably easier to traverse the …

2020-07-16: Tonight I’m trying to stuff the display file into the print buffer 32 bytes at a time, in the right …

2020-07-09: I am on my holidays. #retro #zxspectrum

2020-07-02: Aye, but does your gaming rig support hi-definition graphics and stereo sound? #zxspectrum 🌈 👾

2020-06-12: Postie has been. Time to print all the things! (No, it’s not bog-roll, it’s till-roll!) 🧻 🦖 🌈

2020-06-01: Restoring some eBay junk this evening. What a beauty though. #hench #badlad #whsmith #cpd8300

2020-05-08: I’ve had a new power converter sent over from Tosche Station. Now my toastrack is much cooler. …

2020-05-05: 👀 DualShock 4 paired to a @RetroBitGaming MegaDrive Bluetooth receiver, hooked up to a …

2020-05-04: Really good interview on the latest @TheDCJunkyard podcast—Stefan Holmqvist, who was producer on the …

2020-04-30: The old tape recorder was making awful crackling noises so (after ruling out PKE interference) I …

2020-04-30: 🧔🏼 Rraa-ta-taa! 🤜🔥

2020-04-27: Mud

2020-04-25: When yon AMSTRAD BBS gets a bit existential 🤔. Are any of us really here?! 👾

2020-04-25: Beep beep beep, doot doot de doot! It’s actually working now. #zxspectrum #rs232 #raspberrypi

2020-04-21: Added a stereo-to-mono hack to my audio-out mod. It’s how MacGyver loaded up Bad Dudes vs. …

2020-04-19: ¡patatas bravas! 🥵 🌶 😋

2020-04-13: Oh no!! What have I done?! #Skynet #ZXSpectrum 🤖 🌈

2020-04-11: Upgrade time! Needed an external cassette player for my ZX Spectrum (the inbuilt one can be fussy …

2020-04-01: D’awww! Look how cute it is! #C64 😻

2020-04-01: Tha dongle ùr agam! ’S e SD2IEC+ airson Commodore 64 a th’ann, bho @futurewas8bit

2020-03-27: Well as it’s Thursday night I’d usually be out at the discotheque cutting rug and throwing shapes; …

2020-03-22: Splice, splice, baby.

2020-03-22: Uh oh


2020-03-21: I think this means we’re getting somewhere. 3.3v TTY to +12v RS232. Networkin’ like it’s 1983.

2019-12-02: A Fatal Case of Tinsellitis / Taynuilt Medical Practice / Saint Conan’s Kirk Christmas Tree Festival …

2019-11-29: Successfully execute a Perfect Dodge to activate Witch Time. 💃

2019-11-17: Death Stranding / PlayStation 4 / SIEE / 2019

2019-06-08: The Pokey Hat 🍦

2019-05-23: #DogsAtPollingStations

2019-05-19: #SUNDAY

2019-05-19: A real fixer-upper opportunity 👻

2019-05-19: See ‘aitch eye pea ess 🍟



2019-02-14: Love, uh… finds a way. 🌹

2019-02-11: Life, uh… finds a way🦕

2019-02-03: Brrr.

2019-01-01: Raise the roof for Auld Lang Syne 🐶💤


2018-12-25: Christmas Eve Santa-watch lookout patrol

2018-12-23: Merry Christmas


2018-12-23: Driving home for Christmas